Domain Name Search


In exchange for my search fee, you’ll get two to three hours of my time in which I will work diligently to locate for you an available .com domain name that suits you.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this Service

Does this service include domain name registration?


I provide you with a list available domains names, but it's up to you to buy and/or register whichever you may want to use.

The available .com domain names that I locate for you may be unregistered in which case it will be easy, cheap and fast to register the name, or the name may be already registered to a private party who interest in selling it. Successfully completing a private party sale can be simple quick and easy, or it could become a real negotiating challenge and that all depends on who's selling it.

Unregisterd names can be registered quickly, easily and cheaply at any registrar like for a nominal yearly registration fee that's generally around $10/year.

Private seller domain name prices vary wildly, but often a few hundred to a few thousand dollars will work for a private seller.

Will you register the domain name for us?

It's really better (for you) if you handle this task. If you're not sure how to go about doing this, then just ask and I'll walk you through the process.

If you are absolutely flummoxed by all this tech and terminology and get hopelessly stuck, then I can do it for you if need be.

Do you have a money-back satisfaction guarantee?


You're buying my time and until I've spent that time discussing your needs with you and then have then spent a lot more time doing the research to find what names are available that may be of interest to you, I won't know how it's going to turn out either.

So there may be lots of great options for what you're after, or the "pickins" could be very thing or very expensive. I have no way to know until I do the work to know.

There's also an element of hit or miss here as this is a snapshot-in-time search. Perhaps a year or three ago, or a year or three from now the perfect name was or will become available, and for cheap, but if it’s not when I go and do the searching, then there’s just no way around that. Call it fate, or luck. And yes, luck matters with this sort of thing. More accurately, luck, marketplace knowledge, creativity and hard work. They all matter.

Can we hire you to do _______ for us?


My rate is $125/hr and I bill fairly and honestly. New clients will be billed retainer style until we've establish some history.

If that works for you, then let's talk.

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